5 Top-Performing Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the popular choices for international students. Basically, they offer world class education. As a matter of fact, Switzerland ranked number 7 in Study.EU’s survey of the most attractive EU countries for international students. If you want to pursue your education here in Switzerland, here are some of the top-performing Swiss universities.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Known in Switzerland as EidgenössischeTechnischeHochschule Zürich, this university specializes in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. It ranked consistently as one of the top universities in Europe. As a matter of fact, it ranked number 8 in 2016’s QS World University Rankings. Further, it was named as the best university in the world for Earth and Marine Sciences from 2015 to 2017 editions.

ÉcolePolytechniqueFédérale de Lausanne

The EPFL is a research university in Lausanne, Switzerland that specializes in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. It also ranked number 12 in QS World University Rankings of the best universities in the world across all fields. It is also the 11th best university in the world for Engineering and Technology. EPFL’s main core missions include education, research, and technology.

University of Basel

The University of Basel is one of the oldest universities in Switzerland and is considered one of the best-performing schools in the country. Their library is the largest and is one of the most important libraries in Switzerland. The Basel University specializes in various fields and disciplines. This includes law, theology, humanities, economics, social sciences, psychology, medicine, and business, among others.

University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland. Today, it handles over 30,000 students. It is best for law, theology, philosophy, and medicine studies. Moreover, the university offers the widest range of subjects across all courses and fields.

University of Bern

The University of Bern is a comprehensive university that offers a broad choice of courses and programs. It is the third largest university in Switzerland, educating over 17,000 students. Today, the university is included in the top 200 universities in the world.


Understanding the Swiss Business Culture

Switzerland is one of the best countries to conduct business. As a matter of fact, Switzerland ranked number 31 out of 190 countries in the Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey in 2017. With this, Switzerland is a home to reputable international companies. If you are here in Switzerland to conduct business, here are the ten things you should understand about the Swiss business culture:


The safest way to greet a colleague or a business associate is through a handshake. Address them using their titles and last names. Wait until they instruct you to address them with their first names.


English is the widely accepted language in Swiss business, especially if you are handling international clients and partners. On the other hand, local businesses use German, French, or Italian in their transactions.


When you interact with business partners, you should always be direct with your points. Expats should focus on every instruction and shall try to control their emotions. Moreover, avoid starting too many small talks. You should always avoid asking personal questions in the business environment.


Business attire should always be formal and conservative. Men are advised to wear suits while women should avoid too bright colors in their corporate attire and shall wear light makeup and simple jewelry.

Business Hours

Businesses operate from Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm.


Swiss people are much known in the world to be the most punctual people. Thus, being late in every appointment is a big no-no. Make it a habit to confirm appointments ahead of time, arrive hours ahead of time, and always come prepared so as not to waste each other’s time. Time is gold. If you waste their time, you also waste their money.

Business Structure

Swiss business follows a strict hierarchy. They highly recognize rank, level of education, and achievements. They also follow teamwork. Managers guide their team, while the team cooperates enthusiastically.

Gender Equality

Men and women are given equal career opportunities in Swiss business. However, most senior level positions are occupied by men.

We hope this helps you know more about the Swiss business culture.


First-Time Expat? 6 Things To Know About Switzerland

Moving abroad for the first time? Well, we won’t lie about the fact that it will really be tough. If you are planning to live in Switzerland for good, then take time reading this six things to know about Switzerland.


The culture of Switzerland is influenced greatly by other European countries, especially Germany, France, and Italy. Swiss foods are generally shaped by German, French, and Italian cuisines.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Switzerland is really expensive. The rents are expensive, as well as the foods, the restaurants, and goods.


Switzerland is one of the most popular expat destinations because of its innumerable career opportunities. Of course, it will be an advantage if you are an EU citizen. If not, you have to expect quotas for work or stay permits.

In applying, you have to prepare everything. The SV should be organized, accompanied by copies of diploma, certificates from past employment, job references, and so on.


If you wish to pursue your education here in Switzerland, then your decision is right! There is a wide selection of world-class universities in Switzerland. This includes International School of Basel, International School of Zug and Lucern, and the Swiss International School of Zurich.


Swiss people are generally nice. But don’t expect them introducing themselves to you. You should take the lead. Also, remember not to be pushy at all times. Establishing friendship takes time. Don’t expect that they’ll immediately invite you for a drink.


Switzerland is a multilingual country. 60% of the people there speak the German language. In Geneva and some parts of Western Switzerland, French is widely spoken. Some cantons in the southeastern part speak Italian while only a few communities speak Romansh. Swiss people also know how to speak English, although they are not too comfortable speaking another language.

During your first few days, just be familiar with the basics. The words that will help you survive. Words that are related to food and transportation.

These are just a few of the many things that you should learn about Switzerland. Remember, you have to take it slow.