First-Time Expat? 6 Things To Know About Switzerland

Moving abroad for the first time? Well, we won’t lie about the fact that it will really be tough. If you are planning to live in Switzerland for good, then take time reading this six things to know about Switzerland.


The culture of Switzerland is influenced greatly by other European countries, especially Germany, France, and Italy. Swiss foods are generally shaped by German, French, and Italian cuisines.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Switzerland is really expensive. The rents are expensive, as well as the foods, the restaurants, and goods.


Switzerland is one of the most popular expat destinations because of its innumerable career opportunities. Of course, it will be an advantage if you are an EU citizen. If not, you have to expect quotas for work or stay permits.

In applying, you have to prepare everything. The SV should be organized, accompanied by copies of diploma, certificates from past employment, job references, and so on.


If you wish to pursue your education here in Switzerland, then your decision is right! There is a wide selection of world-class universities in Switzerland. This includes International School of Basel, International School of Zug and Lucern, and the Swiss International School of Zurich.


Swiss people are generally nice. But don’t expect them introducing themselves to you. You should take the lead. Also, remember not to be pushy at all times. Establishing friendship takes time. Don’t expect that they’ll immediately invite you for a drink.


Switzerland is a multilingual country. 60% of the people there speak the German language. In Geneva and some parts of Western Switzerland, French is widely spoken. Some cantons in the southeastern part speak Italian while only a few communities speak Romansh. Swiss people also know how to speak English, although they are not too comfortable speaking another language.

During your first few days, just be familiar with the basics. The words that will help you survive. Words that are related to food and transportation.

These are just a few of the many things that you should learn about Switzerland. Remember, you have to take it slow.