Our Services

Les Copainsd’Abord is one of the most trustworthy online networks that are dedicated to serving expats here in Switzerland.  We have been in service for more than a decade and has established a relationship with over 100,000 expats here in Switzerland.

If you are planning to live here in Switzerland for good, then here are the solutions we can offer:

Find You a Home

Les Copainsd’Abord has reliable relocation agents who can help you find a good place to stay. In Switzerland, you got a lot of choices. You can buy or rent properties. We also have agents who can help you look for real estate properties where you can build your own home.

Find You a Career

We are also passionate about helping you build your career here in Switzerland. Being one of the most popular expat destinations, Switzerland brings you a wide range of job opportunities. We can also introduce you to hundreds of employers who can offer you a job that matches your skills and interests.

Find You a University

Switzerland is also known in the world for providing world-class education. We have dozens of top-performing universities here that can help you improve your skills and understanding. They specialize in various fields and disciplines, including science and technology, business and investments, philosophy, theology, arts and humanities, medicine, and more.

You can also join our community where you can connect with thousands of expats here in Switzerland. Here you can exchange thoughts and insights about their journey here in Switzerland as an expat.